WTW ® VARIO Waterproof pH Meter

WTW ® VARIO Waterproof pH Meter

Custom display inverts 180°
Innovative touch screen display

Built-in timer with alarm


The VARIO combines handheld versatility with benchtop features. A simple finger tap on the display turns on the meter, setting up the initial display and inverting it if necessary. The multi-functional display can show temperature, the measured value, and any activated special functions simultaneously. The ergonomic, non-slip rubber housing makes it robust, comfortable, and easy to control all parameters with one hand. Battery-saving feature turns off the unit after 10 minutes of non-use. Measurements begin automatically once the sensor is immersed in the solution. Lock-in the measurement with the hold function. Additional GLP functions include ident-number and calibration alarm. MultiCal® allows for quick buffer recognition and calibration. The memory accommodates up to 50 time and date stamped readings. When the meter is not taking pH readings, it doubles as a precision laboratory clock or timer with alarm. What�s included: S7- and DIN-adapter; pH 4 and 7 buffers; and hard carrying case.

Range pH –2.00 to 16.00
Temperature –5.0 to 100.0°C
Resolution pH 0.01
Temperature 0.1°C
Accuracy pH ±0.01
Temperature ±0.3°C
Calibration pH Up to three points
Buffer recognition 2.00, 4.01, 7.00,10.01; 1.68,4.01, 6.87, 9.18
Temp compensation Manual/automatic
Datalogging up to 50 readings with date and time stamp
Display Custom LCD
Power one AA battery (sold separately)
Battery life 1000 hours
Dimensions 6"L x 3"W x 2"H


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