WTW® VARIO Pocket Conductivity Meters

WTW® VARIO Pocket Conductivity Meters

Custom touch screen LCD for ease of use
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Measure conductivity, TDS, resistivity, or salinity
Linear or non-linear temperature compensation for greater accuracy
Store 50 data sets with measured value, temperature, time and date, and ID number



VARIO conductivity meters provide benchtop features and performance with the flexibility of a waterproof handheld meter. The meter has an ergonomic, non-slip rubber housing that makes one-handed operation easy. The large, touch screen LCD indicates the measured parameter and temperature (°F or °C) simultaneously and provides the ability to change modes, recall data, and activate the other meter functions.
Select meter 19706-30 for general-purpose measurements; the meter uses the specialized TetraCon® 325 four-electrode cell for greater accuracy over a large measurement range.
Meter 19706-32 uses a two-electrode cell that is ideal for natural and ultrapure water measurements. The 50 data set storage is GLP compliant with time- and date-stamp along with sample identifier. Selectable reference temperatures, temperature compensation curves, TDS factors, and calibration intervals provide great flexibility for a variety of applications. The meter also functions as an alarm, stopwatch, or timer!

Conductivity range 0.01 to 200 uS
Conductivity accuracy ±0.5%
Conductivity resolution 0.01 to 0.1 uS
Resistivity range 0 to 1999 M
Resistivity resolution 0.001 to 1 M
Resistivity accuracy ±1%
TDS range 0 to 1999 mg/L
TDS resolution 1 mg/L
TDS accuracy ±1 mg/L
Temp range 23.0 to 212.0°F (-5.0 to 105.0°C)
Temp resolution 0.1°F/0.1°C
Temp accuracy ±0.5%
Temp compensation automatic (linear or non-linear), or none
Temp coefficient 0.001 to 3%/°C
Battery one AA battery (included)
Battery life 500 hours
Dimensions 3-1/4"W x 5-1/2"D, 1-5/16"D
Conductivity-to-TDS calibration values 0.4 to 1.0
Data storage 50 data sers
Housing IP 65


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