U-0080D Photodiode Array Bio Photometer

U-0080D Photodiode Array Bio Photometer

Microestimation as low as 1μL is available. Since the whole wavelength region can be measured in 0.05seconds, a precious sample and time can be used effectively.
It is a bio-oriented spectrophotometer equipped with a standard DNA/RNA analysis software.



  • Minimum sample requirement as little as 1µL.
  • Measurements (190 to 1100nm) are instantaneous (0.05s).
  • Software for DNA / RNA analysis is equipped normally.
  • Sample compartment can be left open for measurement.


Item U-0080D
DNA/RNA measurement A260/280 ratio, Purity, Concentration, Molar concentration (Nucleotide),
Background correction(no correction, fixed wavelength, Tangent), Baseline correction, Input of dilution magnification
Calculation of protein concentration Concentration calculation by Warburg-Christian method, Other quantitative analysis with reagent
Labeled DNA Verification that a fluorescent dye coupled with a primer before DNA sequencing
Wavelength scan Baseline correction, Overlay of 20 channel data, Peak detection, Recalculation, Printing
Time scan Baseline correction, Overlay of 20 channel data, Auto scale, Recalculation, Printing
Quantitative calculation Plotting of calibration curve, Statistical operation, One, two and three wavelength calculations, Saving and printing of calibration curve and measurement data
Other analysis Auro-zero correction, Cell-length normalization, Input of sample name, comment and file name, constant display of measurement parameters, Data saving and retrieval


1µL cell
2µL cell
5µL cell
10µL cell
20µL cell
50µL cell
10mm rectangular quartz cell


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