Thermo Scientific SterilemaxTM Benchtop Steam Sterilizer

Thermo Scientific SterilemaxTM Benchtop Steam Sterilizer

17% more chamber space than traditional benchtop units
Largest portable laboratory model available
Easy-to-read LCD
Optional printer for record keeping



Four preset cycles sterilize wrapped and unwrapped instruments, glassware, and utensils. End-user customization of sterilization cycles makes the Sterilemax adaptable to most other sterilization requirements. The easy-to-read LCD allows quick visualization of sterilization and diagnostic programs, and cycle status. Exclusive only to this product, the chamber door offers three locks for your safety, which prevents the door from opening until the chamber is depressurized. Built-in water pump maintains consistent water supply and accurate steam for every cycle. The largest benchtop sterilizer chamber available in a compact table-top design. Sterilizer chambers are ASME-certified.
What's included: rack, two stainless steel shelves, and 6-ft power cord.

Capacity cu ft 1.2
Chamber size 18" D x 12" dia
Temp range Liquid-goods cycle: 100 to 121ºC; Hard-goods cycle 100 to 135ºC
Temp display LED
Pressure display LED
Timer range 1 to 99 minutes
Timer display LED
Printer thermal type
Reservoir capacity Liters 6
Shelves 2
Chamber construction 316 stainless steel
Power VAC 120
Hz 50/60
Amps 12.5
Average cycle time min 54
Dimensions inches 23" W x 17" H x 24-1/2" D
Max psi 40


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