Thermo Scientific Programlanabilir Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Thermo Scientific Programlanabilir Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Read melting points from 0 to 400C (32 to 752F)

Melting point apparatuses feature closed-loop, microprocessor-based control of oven temperature and readout, and a built-in memory for temporary storage of melting point temperature data. Simply press a key to transfer display temperature into temporary memoryrecord different melt phases or critical melt temperatures of alternative samples. The oven temperature reverts to the set point after the melt point is recorded so you can analyze consecutive samples using the same control parameters.
Heating block holds up to three 2-mm dia capillary tubes. Adjustable magnifying lens (40 mm dia) permits clear viewing. Apparatuses measure 8"W x 18"H x 14"D. The 120 VAC models include a 3-ft cord with a three-prong plug; the 240 VAC models include two 3-ft cords, one with a European plug and one without a plug.


Programmable Models feature five preset temperature ramps, or can be programmed for any rate from 0.2C/minute to 10C/minute in 0.1C increments. Store up to four temperatures in temporary memory; batch memory permanently stores up to 500 sets of results. Connect unit to computer or printer via RS-232 interface (printer sold separately at right).

Temp range 45 to 450°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Thermometer range 0 to 400ºC
Thermometer resolution 0.1ºC
Thermometer accuracy ±0.5° ±1 digit at 20°C; ±1.0° ±1 digit at 350°C
Temp sensor Pt RTD
Lens magnification 8x; adjustable focus
Display 4-digit LCD; 1/2" H
Power VAC 240
Hz 50/60
watts 60
Dimensions 8"W x 18"H x 14"D


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