Thermo Scientific Hybaid MultiBloc Thermal Cycler System (MBS)

Thermo Scientific Hybaid MultiBloc Thermal Cycler System (MBS)

Designed to offer performance, accuracy and simplicity


The MultiBLock system (MBS) comprises a central computer with sophisticated software, which can be networked to up to 30 individual satellite blocks. Order MBS start up kits with a choice of PC or laptop. Each kit includes any two MBS satellite block unit. Satellite blocks are available in 95x0.2mL gradient format (02662-46) and 384 well standard format (02662-44). Additional satellite blocks can be added up to 30 units. The choice of the number and type of each block is completely flexible, giving you�re the freedom to customize your PCR system.

The MBS controlling software (included in the start up kits) has been specially designed for ease of use. Graphical options for editing and running protocols can be viewed. You can either control and program all blocks in unison or program each block independently. The graphical display provides clear second-by-second information about block temperature and experimental parameters.

Capacity 384x0.04mL, 96x0.2mL
Block Description 384-well satellite block, Gradient satellite block
Power 110V
Dimensions 200x300x290mm
Temp range Block temperature range: 4°C-99°C
Block heating rate: up to 3°C/sec
Block cooling rate: up to 2°C/sec
Heated lid temperature range: 90°C - 120Deg>C
Uniformity ±0.5°C within 15sec
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