Thermo Scientific HAAKE Portable Viscometer

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Portable Viscometer

Small, battery-operated design for quick field tests and comparative measurements

Rotational viscometers provide quick, exact, and reliable measurements for a variety of fluid types ranging from paints and shampoos to sauces and oils Simple, one button operation eliminates set-up time and allows hassle-free testing


These lightweight digital viscometers can be operated handheld or on a stand (order separately below) for your convenience. Converting the handheld to use on a stand is only a matter of seconds, since the viscometer only has to be placed in the special instrument holder. Use for quick viscosity tests for process optimization, machine adjustment, or to ensure your product is within specification.

By displaying viscosity on a digital display, errors caused by misreading analog dials and human error associated with manual timing are eliminated. Possible handling errors as well as service information are also shown on the display.

Pushing a single button turns the unit on and off. By pushing the button again, the rotor type is selected and the measurement begins. A rotor rotating at a constant speed is immersed in the fluid to be tested; the fluid�s resistance to the rotation is a measure for the viscosity of the fluid. Three different sized rotors are included with the meter for multiple application capabilities.

What's Included:

three rotors, carrying case, and four AA batteries. Model 08705-01 also includes two 150-mL sample cups; model 08705-02 includes one 150-mL sample cup.


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