Thermo Scientific Barnstead RO Reverse Osmosis Systems

Thermo Scientific Barnstead RO Reverse Osmosis Systems

Space-saving design lets you mount RO system on the wall or the benchtop
Complete system includes everything you need—operation is easy and fully automatic

Membrane protection system prevents scale build up on the membrane su2

These systems purify water for general laboratory use or as a feed source for ultrapure systems such as the EASYpure II and NANOpure. The 12 and 24 L/hr models use a diaphragm pump for quiet, efficient operation; the 6 L/hr model must be connected to an in-house line pressure.
The built-in membrane protection system extends the life of the membrane. It includes a special cartridge that softens the water, and an automatic flush that removes scale build-up on the membrane.
The control panel operates and monitors the main functions. The nine LEDs monitor the status of a function (operation, standby, flush), or warn you of a problem (low membrane pressure, low product purity, replace membrane, replace carbon filter, and liquid level in the storage reservoir).
Order the optional storage reservoir to make sure that you have water available when you need it. The 30-liter reservoir operates automatically with all three systems, and level switches prevent operation if there is not enough water in the reservoir. A vent cover protects it from airborne contaminants. Comes with wall mounting brackets. The optional remote control panel allows you to mount the controls up to ten feet away from the system. Order accessories at right.

What's included: prefilter, MPS cartridge, extruded carbon filter, and one membrane. Models 99279-10 and -20 also include a pump.

Max flow rate 24 L/hr
Inlet pressure 30 to 100 psig at 1.5 L/min
Inlet port 3/8" OD tubing (supplied)
Inlet water temperature 34 to 95°F (1 to 35°C)
pH range Optimum range: 6.5 to 7.5 pH
Operating range: 4 to 11 pH
Turbidity <1.0 NTU
Silt density index <5%
Total iron <0.5 ppm (as Fe)
Power 100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 13 1/2"W x 19 1/2"H x 16 7/8"D


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