Thermo Scientific Barnstead FI-Streem® III 2S Single Automatic Glass Stills

Thermo Scientific Barnstead FI-Streem® III 2S

Single Automatic Glass Stills

Glass components ensure high purity standards
All models are wall or bench mountable
Produce water with resistivity from 0.5 to 2.0 MΩ-cm
Use with either tap or pretreated water



Thermo Scientific Barnstead FI-Streem II 2S Single Automatic Glass Stills feature a patented vapor trap, which prevents contamination from vapor-borne particulates. Single stills come in 4- and 8-liter/hour models and produce water with resistivity up to 1.0 M-cm. Bi-distiller comes in a 4-liter/hour model and produces water with resistivity up to 2.0 M-cm.
Microprocessor control and membrane keypad make operation easy. Water flow and temperature are continuously monitored; stills automatically shut off heat if drain is left open or feed water flow is interrupted. An automatic drain cycle and effective cleaning cycle reduce scale buildup and keep stills running effectively. Water level sensor activates the still as needed to keep reservoir full. Sensor works with the 30- or 50-liter storage reservoirs sold separately below. Stills offer dual-feed capabilities�feed pretreated water directly into the still while running tap water through the cooling coils (no extra valves are required). To obtain higher purity water, order a pretreatment kit at right.
Stills include a 5-ft connection tube. The 4-LPH single still includes a 6-ft cord with plug; the 8-LPH single still does not include a cord or plug. Bi-distiller does not include cord or plug.

Capacity 8 LPH
Cooling water consumption 120 LPH
VAC/Hz 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 19"W x 29-1/2"H x 15"D
Connections 5/8" ID tube
Inlet pressure range 15 to 80 psi
Watts 6 kW


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