Thermo Scientific Air-Jacketed Large-Capacity Automatic CO2 Incubators

Thermo Scientific Air-Jacketed Large-Capacity Automatic CO2  Incubators

Thermal conductivity (TC) sensor for constant temperature and humidity application
Exclusive SMARTGAS system for accurate CO2 control
Security password protection of set points
Homogeneous, vertical flow air circulation system eliminates chamber stratification



Features built-in humidity control with ±3% accuracy from 20% above ambient to 98%. Unit has full-size solid coated steel door.

These incubators feature accurate microprocessor control of temperature and CO2 concentration. Audible alarm notifies user of temperature deviations ±1°C and CO2 deviations greater than 1% from set point, excluding deviations due to door openings. CO2 concentration ranges from 0 to 20% with ±0.1% control as monitored by a thermal conductivity sensor.

Capacity 34 Cu.Ft.
Temp range Ambient+5C to 60C
Temp stability +/- 0.1°C
Temp uniformity +/- 0.25°C
Range (CO2) 0-20%
CO2 accuracy +/- 0.1%
Sensor Thermal Conductivity
Chamber size 36"W x 65"H x 25"D
Shelves 5
Power VAC 120
Hz 50/60
Door Solid coated-steel
Humidity range Ambient+20% to 98%


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