Tegam 2700 Hybrid Series Arbitrary/Function Generators

 Tegam 2700 Hybrid Series Arbitrary/Function Generators 

Tegam's new 2700 Hybrid Series arbitrary / function generator provides the deepest memory, widest bandwidth, and fastest rise time and they include programmable synchronization for precise multi-channel operations.



  • Deepest memory (4M points)
  • Fastest rise time (6 ns)
  • Widest bandwidth (50 MHz)
  • Function generator simplicity
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Unmatched waveform precision
  • Programmable synchronization
  • Wide frequency sweep range
  • Internal / external AM/FM/FSK modu
Frequency 40 MHz
Modulation AM/FM/FSK
Sweep 10 ms-500 s
Connectivity GPIB & RS232
Memory 1,000 k points
Manufacturer number 2725A


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