SUNDY SDPP3 Pulverizer

SDPP3 Pulverizer


  • Convenient Mortar Replacing
    Unique flip type depress device and locking knob can be opened vertically. So, the mortars can be loaded and removed conveniently without any obstacle.


  • Mortar Fixing Device
    The mortars will not rotate during the active grinding. And the percussive force between the grinding core and mortar is increased greatly.


  • Auto Power-off
    Power supply will be automatically cut off if the cover of the crushing chamber is open. If such function fails, the indicating light at the indication panel will alarm, and the crushing chamber is not allowed to be opened





Number of mortars: 3
Feed size: ≤13 mm
Fineness: 0.2-0.07 mm (as desired)
Capacity: 3*100g
Dimensions: 560*600*752mm
Weight: 180 kg
Power requirement: three-core, 380 V
Max power: 1.5kW




SDHC Sample Pulverizer is designed to grind hard material to analytical size. It can be used in power industry, coal, fuel & chemical processing, metallurgical industry, building material, and geological industry, etc. The particle of the product is adjustable.

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