Reichert ® High-Precision Brix Refractometers

Reichert ® High-Precision Brix Refractometers

Reliable results every time!
Automatic temperature compensation no correction tables or temperature measurement required
Completely sealed no condensation or dirt on lenses
Rugged, chemical-resistant housing

Large, easy-to-read scales


These refractometers offer exceptional optical design and improved image resolution with high contrast for easy viewing of scales. All reflection, coated glass optical components, including a new 10x focusable eyepiece, have been developed to improve illumination and shadowline contrast. Use these brix refractometers to measure concentration of fruits, beverages, and canned goods; total solid content of syrups, vinegar, and sauces; or check the quality of vegetable, fruit, and grass tissues. Refractometers also can be used for chemical, agricultural, manufacturing process control, quality control, preshipment, and other applications.

What's included: durable, plastic carrying case, sample application pipettes, calibration adjustment wrench.

Range 65 to 90% Brix
Resolution 0.2% Brix
Accuracy ±0.1% Brix
Temp compensation 60 to 100°F (15 to 38°C)
Description High Precision Brix Refractometers


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