Reichert ® Automatic Abbe Refractometer

Reichert ® Automatic Abbe Refractometer

Electronic temperature control eliminates the need for a water bath circulator!
Automatic temperature equilibration detection ensures highly accurate readings

Ensure accuracy with up to five user definable calibration points


Precise measurements have never been made easier with this automatic Abbe refractometer. Whether you are measuring high fructose corn syrup, sugar content of fruit products or the refractive index of oils and fatty acids, this is the only instrument you need. This Abbe refractometer can be used for measuring translucent, transparent or opaque samples. Depending on your application, select the desired operating temperature from 10 to 100°C in 0.01°C increments. Simply apply the sample, press read and your results are displayed instantly on the large graphic display. This unit allows you to apply samples hot or cold with automatic temperature equilibration detection that controls the prism, well, and sample temperature, making processing easy and immediate. Provides maximum corrosion resistance with sapphire prism bonded with solvent resistant epoxy and 416-grade stainless steel sample well. The unique peltier electronic temperature control feature provides improved accuracy by eliminating the need for water baths and manual adjustments, reducing the probability of human error.
Calibration is easy using distilled water, span points with user definable standards or with available NIST certified oils. Five user definable points can be set throughout the reading range and can be stored within a history log for future reference. The user-friendly software menu provides the date and time, and allows you to set the user definable parameters with ease. Password protect the system for sensitive data and for the ability to monitor multiple operator usage. This unit features two RS232 serial ports along with user definable baud rates up to 115200 bps allowing you to easily download sample data for analysis. Improve efficiency, productivity and quality control by utilizing one instrument for a wide range of samples.

What's included NIST certified calibration oil, 5-ft cord, dust cover and operator manual.

Range 0 to 85% Brix
1.33000 to 1.60000 Refractive Index
Resolution 0.01% Brix
0.00001 Refractive Index
Accuracy 0.01% Brix
0.00001 Refractive Index
Temp compensation Automatic temperature equilibration
Display Graphic LCD
Sample volume approx. 0.1 mL
Output two RS-232 serial ports
Power 115 VAC, 60 Hz
Dimensions 13"W x 4-1/2"H x 16"D
Power cord 5-ft cord


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