Pulsafeeder ® Industrial Gear Pumps

Pulsafeeder  ®  Industrial Gear Pumps

Bidirectional pumps let you easily change flow direction
Field-replaceable wearplate prevents gears from contacting pump housing and extends pump life—wearplates available in glass-filled tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) or carbon.
Pump fluids with viscosities up to 100 centipoise (cp).
Pumps evacuate air from suction tubing.
What's included: Conduit box for hard-wiring; optional service kits include: drive and idler gears, seals, shaft and bearing, and wear plate.
Wetted parts Pump body: 316 SS
Drive gear: Alloy 20
Idler gear, wear plate, shaft and bearing: Tetrafluoroethylene (glass-filled)
Seals: Viton ® 
Max flow rate (GPM) 1.5
Max pressure 200 psi
Differential pressure (Max) 100 psi
Max temperature 100°F (38°C)
Port size 1/4" NPT(F)
Suction lift 4" H2O
Viscosity 100 cp max
Particulates No
Run dry No
Reversible Yes
Dimensions 7-5/8"L x 2-7/8"W x 2-7/8"H
Duty cycle Continuous
Shaft dia 3/8"
Motor (hp) 1/2
Motor rpm 1725 max
Power VAC 115/230
Hz 50/60


 ****To make your own pump system among various number of pump heads, drivers and tubings please contact us. You can choose from Cole-Parmer catalog  or if you don't have the catalog you can request from our requests menu in the site.


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