PARR Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels

PARR Non-Stirred Pressure Vessels


Parr offers a broad selection of non-stirred pressure vessels in convenient styles, sizes and pressure ranges for many laboratory uses. Recent additions to this line have included new sizes, new temperature and pressure combinations and new self-sealing closures, all designed to provide convenient vessels for laboratory procedures that must be performed under pressure at elevated temperatures.

Pressure Vessel Selection Procedure
The steps to be followed in selecting a non-stirred pressure vessel are similar to those used for a stirred reactor. Selection begins with the Guide to Non-Stirred Vessels, from which the user can identify the Model Number for vessels in a range of sizes with temperature and pressure ratings suitable for the intended application. Detailed specifications and catalog numbers can then be found on the linked webpage and/or PDF. After the specifications have been established, the options and accessories required to customize a complete pressure vessel system can be selected.

non stirred pressure vessels

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