PARR Custom-Made Reactor Systems

PARR Custom Systems
Built to Exacting Client Specification

Parr Instrument Company designs and builds a number of Reactor Series that fall under the category of Specialty Reactors. These reactor systems embody the spirit of innovation that has made Parr the world leader in laboratory pressure apparatus.

Featured Systems:

custom reactor system

Parr Instrument Company has invested heavily in new technology, new machinery and new software. We have created a “mass customization” process that allows us to progress from a new design to manufacture with a high degree of speed, automation and economy.

Mass Customization

Most of our customers have unique needs, proprietary processes and in some cases, design constraints. Our standard products come with a large variety of options and accessories to help meet those needs. But if you need a higher pressure, higher temperature or a different volume, we can usually do that too. We are very experienced at combining feed systems with batch or continuous flow reactors, adding product handling options and a variety of detectors for analysis of the results. Our controllers can automate the process, control individual components, datalog and archive the data. This is called mass customization.


Above is a simple example of the power of our 3-D CAD system.

Above is a simple example of the power of our 3-D CAD system.


3-D CAD System

This system allows us to create new designs or modify existing ones with speed and accuracy. You can “see” what the product will look like, rotate it, see inside and check for clearances. We are able to set the entire apparatus in motion from any angle or sliced at any axis. It is a virtual prototype.

State of the Art Mill/Turn Machining Centers

CAD designs can be automatically translated into machine language in our machine shop to make the item. This saves time and allows our machinists to begin the process of making the product immediately. All of the machining operations are computer controlled, including the selection of tools for all six axis of work.

New Software

We use the same software to make reactors that Boeing® uses to make airplanes. We constantly update, modify and purchase new programs to keep pace with changing needs, improve turn-around times and manage our resources efficiently.

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