PARR 5500 Series High Pressure Compact Lab Reactors

PARR 5500 Series High Pressure Compact Lab Reactors


All of the safety, convenience and reliability features which have been the hallmark of Parr pressure reaction equipment for more than 50 years have been incorporated into a new line of high pressure, compact laboratory reactors. (HPCL – reactors.)

The Series 5500 HPCL Reactors are based upon our popular micro and mini, Series 4590 & 4560 Reactors. There are several differences between these new reactors and their original counterparts. Primarily, these are:

  1. A smaller, more compact magnetic drive
    is installed.
  2. A smaller, more compact variable speed
    stirrer motor.
  3. The larger support stand, overarm and motor have been eliminated.
  4. An Aluminum Block Heater also serves as the support stand.

As a result of these changes, we are now able to offer these new reactors to users who do not require the wide variety of options and expandability provided by our Series 4500 Reactors at a significantly lower cost. These new designs will be welcomed by not only investigators with limited space or budgets, but also by investigators building multiple reactor installations for combinatorial chemistry or high throughput investigations.

The reaction vessels used in these new HPCL reactors are identical to the ones furnished in the Series 4590 Micro and Series 4560 Mini Reactors. HPCL Reactors use the popular Parr split ring closure. These vessels are rated for a maximum working pressure of 3000 psi. The maximum operating temperature is dependent upon the seal selected, PTFE gasket for up to 350 °C; with FKM O-ring to 225 °C or FFKM O-ring to 275 °C.

The 25, 50, and 100 mL reactors are equipped with gas inlet and outlet valves, a liquid sampling valve, pressure gage, safety rupture disc, and internal thermocouple in addition to the internal stirrer. The 300, 450, and 600 mL reactors provide an optional internal cooling loop in addition to these fittings. In addition to the standard Type 316 Stainless Steel, the vessels for these new HPCL Reactors can also be constructed from any of the standard Parr materials of construction.

These vessels are designed, built and can be certified to the ASME Pressure Vessel Code, European Community P.E.D. and other appropriate local codes. Electrical safety is certified by CSA and the EC-CE mark.

PARR 5500

New Magnetic Drive

To take advantage of the new technology available in magnets today, Parr has designed a new compact, magnetically-coupled stirrer drive especially for these smaller vessels. Tests show that this new drive is sufficient to stir reaction mixtures with viscosities up to 10,000 centipoise in a 600 mL reaction vessel

Variable Speed Motor

A 1/17 hp variable speed motor provides stirring speeds adjustable from 0 to 1400 rpm. An optional tachometer pickup provides a signal to the optional tachometer display module which can be installed in the 4848 Controller.

New Heater / Reactor Support

A new heater that also serves as the vessel support has been designed for the HPCL Reactors. This is an aluminum block style heater for excellent thermal uniformity. The cartridge heaters used in this heating block are easily replaced if required. A stainless steel heat shield is provided around the heating block. This style of heater/reactor support provides a very small footprint, ideal for limited bench space.

Model 4848 Temperature Controller

The Series 4848 Controller used with the standard Parr line of medium and high pressure reactors is also furnished for use with these reactors. The 4848 offers the user options for redundant temperature sensor and alarm, digital pressure readout, stirring speed display or control, motor load, and bi-directional digital communication (RS-485).

Alternate Controllers Available

A single 4871 Process Controller can control up to eight High Pressure, Compact Laboratory Reactors.


As shown in the ordering guide, a variety of options are available for these Series 5500 Reactors. In addition to the options described here, there are a number of additional accessories such as glass or PTFE liners, special stirrers, gages, gas and liquid feed systems, custom valves, etc., as described in the Options Section of the Parr Website.

Please remember that the Series 5500 Reactors have been designed and packaged to provide the basic functions of these small laboratory reactors and not all of the options available for the more versatile Series 4500 Reactors can be incorporated into these units. Investigators who need explosion proof operation, jacketed vessels, bottom drain valves, high torque stirrers, catalyst baskets, etc., will need to start with a Series 4590 Micro Reactor or a Series 4560 Mini Reactor.

Series 5500 Reactor Specifications

Shading indicates specifications that change within models
Model Number 5511 5512 5513 5521 5522 5523 5524 5525
Sizes, mL 25 50 100 300 450 600 160 100
Max. Pressure, psi (bar) 3000 (200)
Max. Temperature °C
with FKM 0-ring 225
with FFKM 0-ring 275
with PTFE Flat Gasket 350
Vessel Style Removable
Reactor Mounting Bench Top
Closure (Cap Screws) Split-Ring (6 for Flat Gasket) (0 for Quick Close)
Valve Connections, NPT 1/8" Male
Magnetic Stirrer, Model No. A3040HC*
Maximum Torque, Inch-Pounds 2.5 (0.28 Nm)
Impeller(s), 4-Blade 1, 2 on 600 mL only
Pressure Gage, Size, inches 3.5
Range, psi (bar) 0-3,000 (200)*
Temperature Measurement Fixed Thermocouple
Cooling Coil NA Included Special
Style NA Single Loop Special
Bottom Drain Valve NA
Heater Style Aluminum Block
Heater Power Watts 800 800 1000 800 1000 1000 800 800
Stirrer Motor, hp, type 1/17 V.S.
Electrical Supply
Volts 115 or 230
Maximum Load, amps, 115/230 8.0/4.5 8.0/4.5 9.7/5.4 8.0/4.5 9.7/5.4 9.7/5.4 8.0/4.5 8.0/4.5
Vessel Dimensions
Inside Diameter, inches 1 1.3 1.3 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2
Inside Depth,inches 2 2.25 4.5 4 6 8 2 2
Weight of Vessel, pounds 12 12 12 13 15 17 12 12
Reactor Dimensions
Width, inches w/o Controller 8.8
Depth, inches 9.3
Height, inches 21.8 21.8 23.4 21.8 23.4 25.4 21.8 21.8
Weight, pounds w/Controller 25 25 25 26 28 30 25 25
Spare Parts Kit 5529SPK
*Other options available. See Options Section and Ordering Guide

Series 5500 Reactor Ordering Guide

A composite identification number to be used when ordering a reactor can be developed by combining individual symbols from the separate sections.

A 300 mL, O-ring gasket, T316SS reactor, 115V, 3000 psi gage, and programmable controller with tachometer display module would be listed as:

No. 5521-O-SS-115-3000-4836-TDM

Model Gasket Material Voltage Pressure Gage Controller Control Options Certification
5521 O SS 115 3000 4836 TDM  
    • No. Size Motor/Drive
      5511- 25 mL Variable Speed
      5512- 50 mL Variable Speed
      5513- 100 mL Variable Speed
      5521- 300 mL Variable Speed
      5522- 450 mL Variable Speed
      5523- 600 mL Variable Speed
      5524- 160 mL Variable Speed
      5525- 100 mL Variable Speed
  • A. Base Model
    • -O O-Ring FKM 225°C
      -T PTFE Flat Gasket 350°C
  • B. Gasket /Maximum temp.
    • -SS T316 Stainless Steel
      -MO Alloy 400
      -IN Alloy 600
      -HB Alloy B-2
      -HC Alloy 276
      -CS Alloy 20Cb
      -TI2 Titanium Grade 2
      -TI4 Titanium Grade 4
      -NI Nickel 200
      -ZI Zirconium 702 or 705
  • C. Materials of Construction
    • -115 115 Volt, 50/60Hz
      -230 230 Volt, 50/60Hz
  • D. Electrical Supply
    • -5000 5000 psi/347 bar
      -4000 3000 psi/280 bar
      -3000 3000 psi/207 bar
      -2000 2000 psi/140 bar
      -1000 1000 psi/70 bar
      -600 600 psi/40 bar
      -200 200 psi/14 bar
      -100 100 psi/7 bar
  • E. Pressure Gage
    • -4836 Programmable Control
      -4843 Programmable Control
      -4844 Programmable Control with Cascade
      -4870 Process Controller
  • F. Controller
        • (0-5 or 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA)
      • -*(A) Add to above for Analog Output
        (4843 & 4844 only)
    • (List All Desired)
      -TDM* Tachometer Display Module
      -PDM* Pressure Display Module
      -HTM* High Temperature Cut-off Module
      -SVM Solenoid Valve Module
      -CM Communications Module.
      -No Symbol No Certification
      -ASME ASME Certification
      -CE European Community Certification/Low Voltage
      -CE/PED European Community Certification/Pressure
      -P Parr Certification
  • G. Control OptionsH. Certifications

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