PARR 4590 Series Micro Reactors

PARR 4590 Series Micro Reactors


These are the smallest of all Parr Stirred Reactors. They will be a good choice for chemists working with very expensive materials or materials only available in small amounts. They will also appeal to users who wish to minimize the risks associated with hazardous materials or reactions by restricting the reactants or products to a minimum. Use of the Series 4590 Reactors also helps minimize the quantities of waste products which may require special disposal procedures. The 4590 systems are now available in high pressure (5000 psi) or high pressure/high temperature (500 °C) versions.

These micro reactors have been designed to provide as many of the features of the larger vessels as possible in the limited space available. All of the standard head fittings are provided, with optional cooling now available with aluminum block heaters with cooling capability, welded jackets or Cold Fingers.

These systems are offered in both fixed head and moveable head vessel styles with choices of a self sealing O-ring for temperatures up to 225 °C or with FFKM O-ring for temperatures to 275 °C or with a flat PTFE gasket for temperatures to 350 °C, or with a Flexible Graphite gasket for temperatures to 500 °C with the HP/HT option (for fixed head versions only). A split ring closure is standard.

All three volumes use the same ceramic fiber heater.

These micro reactors can be easily converted from one size to another by simply substituting a larger or smaller cylinder and the corresponding internal fittings. The support system can also be readily adapted to accept any of the vessels from the 4560 Mini Reactor Series. The opportunity to modify these small reactors is restricted because of the limited head space available.

PARR 4590

Series 4590 Reactor Specifications

Shading indicates specifications that change within models
Model Number 4591 4592 4593 4596 4597 4598
Sizes, mL 25 50 100 25 50 100
Max. Pressure 3000 psi (200 bar)
Max. Temperature
with FKM 0-ring 225 °C Screw Cap or Split Rings
with FFKM 0-ring 275 °C Screw Cap or Split Rings
with PTFE Flat Gasket 350 °C Split Rings
Vessel Style Moveable Fixed Head
Reactor Mounting Bench Top
Closure (Cap Screws) Split Rings (6)
Valve Connections 1/8" NPT Male
Magnetic Stirrer, Model No. A1120HC6
Maximum Torque 16 Inch-Pounds
Impeller(s), 4-Blade 1
Pressure Gage Size 3.5 inches
Range 0-3000 psi (200 bar)*
Temperature Measurement Fixed Thermocouple
Cooling Coil Not Available
Style Not Available
Bottom Drain Valve Not Available
Heater Style Clamp-on Mantle Clamp-on Mantle
Heater Power Watts 400
Stirrer Motor 1/8 hp variable speed*
Electrical Supply
Volts 115 or 230
Maximum Load 115/230 12/6 amps
Vessel Dimensions
Inside Diameter, inches 1.0 1.3 1.3 1.0 1.3 1.3
Inside Depth,inches 2.0 2.3 4.6 2.0 2.3 4.6
Weight of Vessel, pounds 7 7 8 7 7 8
Reactor Dimensions
Width, inches w/o Controller 11.5
Depth, inches 17.5
Height, inches 25.5
Weight, pounds 55 55 56 55 55 56
Spare Parts Kit 4599M
*Other options available. See Options Section and Ordering Guide


Series 4590 Reactor Ordering Guide

A composite identification number to be used when ordering a 4590 Series Reactor can be developed by combining individual symbols from the separate sections.

A 50mL, T316SS, moveable head reactor with general purpose magnetic drive, O-ring seal, 115V 50/60 Hz, explosion proof motor, 3000 psi gage and programmable controller with pressure display module would be listed as:

No. 4592-O-GP-SS-115-XP.25-3000-4843-PDM

Model Gasket Stirrer   Material Voltage Motor Gage Controller Options
4592 -O -GP   -SS -115 XP.25 3000 -4843 -PDM
A B C   D E F H I J
    • No. Size Vessel Style
      4591- 25mL Moveable
      4592- 50mL Moveable
      4593- 100mL Moveable
      4596- 25mL Fixed Head
      4597- 50mL Fixed Head
      4598- 100mL Fixed Head
  • A. Base Model
    • -O  O-Ring FKM  225 °C
      -O  O-Ring FFKM  275 °C
      -T  PTFE Compression Gasket  350 ºC
  • B. Gasket /Maximum Temperature
    • -GP General Purpose Magnetic
  • C. Stirrer Drive
    • -SS T316 Stainless Steel
      -MO Alloy 400
      -IN Alloy 600
      -HB Alloy B-2
      -HC Alloy C-276
      -CS Alloy 20Cb3
      -TI2 Titanium Grade 2
      -TI4 Titanium Grade 4
      -NI Nickel 200
      -ZI Zirconium 702 or 705
  • D. Materials of Construction
    • -115 115 Volt, 50/60Hz
      -230 230 Volt, 50/60Hz
  • E. Electrical Supply
    • -VS Variable Speed, 1/8 hp
      -VS Variable Speed, 1/4 hp
      -XP.25 Explosion Proof, Variable Speed, 1/4hp
      -AM Air Motor, 1/4 hp
  • F. Motor Option
    • -3000 3000 psi/200 bar
      -2000 2000 psi/140 bar
      -1000 1000 psi/70 bar
      -600 600 psi/40 bar
      -200 200 psi/14 bar
      -100 100 psi/7 bar
  • G. Pressure Gage
    • -4843* Programmable Control
      -4836* Compact Programmable Control,
      -4870 Process Controller
      -*(A) Add to the above for Analog Output (0-5 or0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA)
  • H. Temperature Controller
    • (List All Desired)
      -TDM* Tachometer Display Module
      -PDM* Pressure Display Module
      -HTM* High Temperature Cut-off Module
      -AMM* Ammeter Display Module
      -SVM Solenoid Valve Module
      -CM Communications Module
      -4846 Data Aquisition System
      -*(A) Add to above for Analog Output (0-5 or 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA)
  • I. Control Options
    • (List All Desired)
      -RC Reflux Condenser
      -RTC Reflux Take-Off Condenser
      -GE Gas Entrainment Stirrer
      -ABH Aluminum Block Heater
      -WJ Welded Jacket
  • J. Custom Options
    • -No Symbol No Certification
      -ASME ASME Certification
      -CE European Community Certification/Low Voltage
      -CE/PED European Community Certification/Pressure
      -P Parr Certification
  • K. Certifications

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