Non-Electric Steam Sterilizer

Non-Electric Steam Sterilizer

Provides complete, efficient steam sterilization at low cost


Non-electric steam sterilizers provide effective sterilization at a low cost! With an efficient heat source and a small amount of water, these sterilizers produce enough steam at 15 psi to destroy any type of bacteria or micro-organisms. These sterilizers are low maintenance and require no accessories. Safety clamp locks prevent removal of the cover before the pressure is released.
Electric steam sterilizers are similar to the non-electric sterilizers, but also include a 1050 W immersion heating element. Sterilizers operate automatically, controlled by a thermostat and pilot light; require only a small amount of water to create the dry steam.
What's included: flexible metal exhaust tube and pressure gauge; electric sterilizers include valve control and three-wire power cord with plug.

Chamber size 10-1/2"H x 14"Dia
Temp range Max temp: 259°F
Reservoir capacity Liters 41-1/2 qt
Chamber construction Heavy cast aluminum cover and bottom, aluminum alloy inner container, cast aluminum rack
Dimensions inches 19" D x 14-1/2" Dia


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