MegaMag Genie Magnetic Stirrers

MegaMag Genie Magnetic Stirrers 

Ideal for your large-capacity stirring needs
Powerful magnet and motor capable of stirring up to 38 L



Stirrers feature a powerful heavy-duty motor, making them ideal for all of your large-capacity stirring needs. The spill-resistant, durable ABS/polycarbonate housing is designed to channel fluids away from internal components. Internal ramping feature will gradually increase speed to the set point to minimize splashing and improve control of the stir bar. Choose between the analogue dial or digital true-speed control. Digital version features a LED display for easy speed indication and can be controlled in 10-rpm increments. Digital stirrer can be set to run continuously or for a timed run from 1 to 99 minutes.


What's Included:

nonskid feet and a 1.8-m power cord.

Speed range rpm 200 to 1300 rpm
Max stirring volume 38 L
No. of stirring positions 1
Top plate dimensions inches 12" x 12"
Top plate material ABS/Polycarbonate
Dimensions 12-1/4" x 12" x 5"
Power 230V, 50 Hz
Timer 1 to 99 min
Plug type Euro


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