Manual Polarimeter

Manual Polarimeter

Determine concentrations of sugars, proteins, perfumes and many other optically active solutions
Viewing lens provides 3X magnification

Sample tubes accomodate various sample types and volumes


These manual polarimeters are ideal for determining concentration levels of samples for applications in the medical, educational, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Operation is simple�line up the vernier and scale to the zero position, place the sample-filled tube into the measuring field chamber, and close the light shield. The rotated direction of the polarized light beam is immediately visible and illuminated by the monochromatic halogen lamp (589 nm) with built-in orange filter. Rotate the vernier until both halves of the circles are of equal brightness, and then read the scale. Units are accurate to ±0.1° of rotation. If the half circle on the right is shaded, the sample is a dextrorotatory substance; if the left side is shaded, it is levorotatory.
Sample tubes are available in various lengths and volumes and contain an extended diameter at one end to collect air bubbles preventing measurement errors. Models 81205-00 and -02 feature a half-circle scale of 0 to 90° right and left. Models 81205-04 and -06 provide a full-circle scale of 0 to 180° right and left.

What's included: magnifier, vernier, transformer, halogen lamp, one 200-mm measuring tube, 3-wire cord (transformer to polarimeter), and 10-ft power cord.

Description Polarimeter, Full Circle
Range 0 to 180° (right and left)
Resolution 0.1°
Accuracy 0.1°
Tube length up to 200 mm
Light source halogen lamp with 589 nm wavelength filter
Dimensions 15"W x 15"H x 5"D
Power 240 VAC


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