LANCER TI Washing Systems

LANCER TI Washing Systems

1400 TI 1600 TI 4500 TI 4800 TI

TI Washing Systems

TI high performance glassware washers and dryers are designed and manufactured to meet the growing demands of the biotechnology, agritech, petrochem, pharmaceutical, QA/QC laboratories and various other industries. These heavy-duty washers combine effective mechanical, thermal and chemical washing with rugged design and superior construction materials. The powerful hydraulic circuit utilizes tri-clamp connections and 316L stainless steel piston valves and is constructed entirely of stainless steel to withstand aggressive chemicals that are typically found in these industries. In addition, the chamber, valves and door are made of 316L stainless steel.

The only real specialist in automated cleaning of laboratory glassware and equipment, LANCER is acknowledged and appreciated by the scientific community for providing effective solutions to washing problems. LANCER has a TI model (1400 TI, 1600 TI, 4500 TI, 4800 TI) to suit almost any application or available laboratory space.

LANCER washing systems are user friendly, and reliable. LANCER was the first washer manufacturer to feature fully programmable microprocessors allowing for control of cycle lengths, temperature, and uptake of
cleaning chemicals.

Designed to wash inside narrow necked laboratory glassware using injectors and open glassware using rotary spray arms, the TI Washers utilize spindle header racks allowing water, detergent and acid to be injected into inverted glassware. The wash pump and hydraulic circuit provide a high flow rate and low-pressure delivery for thorough cleaning without breakage of washed items. The TI range has a gravity drop drain provide for faster and more complete draining of the chamber.

LANCER’s TI washers have the capability of washing on
one to three levels depending on machine model, providing the most options to accommodate any wash load. Racks

are easily adjustable between levels for further flexibility. The individual jet spindles are threaded making them easy to replace or exchange and include polypropinol adjustable star feet for support and to protect glass from chipping. drop down door provides a loading platform eliminating the need for a loading cart and minimizing the overall footprint of the machine while providing a positive door seal to prevent leakage and ensure proper rack placement.

LANCER washers and dryers have stainless steel construction throughout and are finished on all six sides with bodywork of AISI 304L stainless steel.

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