L.A.B Equipment SD Series Shock Testing Instruments

L.A.B Equipment SD Series Shock Testing Instruments

Mechanical Shock Machines

The need for products to survive various shock levels in an operating environment requires in-house testing of products during design and evaluation stages. L.A.B. Equipment, Inc.’s SD-series of mechanical free-fall test systems produces accurate and repeatable half-sine, squarewave and sawtooth pulses in accordance with military and industry specifications.

SD Series

Standard features

  • AutoShock-IIHigh performance carriage
  • Fail-safe rebound brakes
  • Full safety guard system
  • Self- contained shock dampening system

Optional features

  • Half - sine programmers
  • Low impulse kit
  • Square wave programmers
  • Data analysis and acquisition systems
  • Terminal peak sawtooth programmers
  • Automatic cycle counter
  • Dual mass shock amplifier
  • Fixturing

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