Horiba Waterproof Hand-Held Conductivity Meters

Horiba Waterproof Hand-Held Conductivity Meters

Large LCD show temperature and conductivity, pH, or mV simultaneously
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Self diagnostic function ensures reliable measurements
Nonvolatile memory stores all calibration data and up to 300 measurements
Download measurements with optional RS-232 cable



Waterproof meters feature IP67-rated housings for care-free operation in the field or in the lab. Download data using RS-232 capability—order cable 19600-65 separately. Order digital conductivity simulator 19600-30 to calibrate any Horiba conductivity meter without having to use liquied standards.

Select D-54 meter (19600-20) to measure pH, temperature, ORP, and conductivity. Select ES-51 meter (19600-05) to measure conductivity, resistivity, and salinity.

Whats included: 19600-20 includes meter, soft-side case with strap, and batteries. Order electrodes seperately. ES-51 includes meter, conductivity electrode (99591-96), soft-side case with strap, and batteries.

Model ES-51
Conductivity range 0 to 1999 mS
Conductivity accuracy ±0.5% full scale, ±1 digit
Conductivity resolution 0.05% full scale
Resistivity range 0.199 to 500 kΩ
Resistivity resolution 0.5% full scale
Resistivity accuracy ±full scale, ± 1 digit
Salinity range 0.00 to 4.00%
Salinity resolution 0.01
Salinity accuracy ±0.5% full scale, ±1 digit
Temp range 0.0 to 100.0 °C
Temp resolution 0.1
Temp accuracy ±0.1°C ±1 digit
Temp compensation Automatic
Cell constant Adjustable
Datalogging 300 data points
Output RS-232
Display Digital
Battery AA (included)
Dimensions 3"W x 7"H x 2-1/4"D
Baud rate IP67


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