HITACHI CT15E / CT15RE Tabletop High-Speed Micro Centrifuges

HITACHI CT15E / CT15RE Tabletop High-Speed Micro Centrifuges


CT15E                                          CT15RE


Rotors for CT15E/CT15RE



Exceptionally low noise

himac CT15E tabletop centrifuge has the lowest noise level in its class (50dB or less). The operating noise is suppressed and the sample temperature rise is prevented effectively as a result of the CAE analyses including the latest fluid analysis.

Safe and compact

himac CT15E and CT15RE tabletop centrifuges satisfy the CE marking requirements to ensure safety even if a trouble occurs during operation. They are highly safe and compact thanks to the elaborate manufacturing without making compromises.

Easy to use

The front panel is easy to use. Up to three sets of operating parameters can be stored. In addition, the door is equipped with the automatic door closure system.

Autoclavable rotors

Three types of autoclavable rotors are available. Three rotors can be used for biosafety apprications safely.

Maximum speed 15,000 rpm
Maximum RCF 21,500 x g
Maximum capacity 2 ml x 24 or 0.5 ml x 24
(When using the T15A62 angle rotor)
Speed control range 300 to 15,000 rpm (in increments of 100 rpm)
Temperature range adjustment Not settable
-20ºC (displayed "Lo") to +40ºC
Timer 1 to 99 minutes. (in increments of 1 minute)
with a HOLD function (continuous operation)
deceleration time variable
2-stage variable acceleration,
2-stage braked deceleration plus free deceleration
Drive motor Brushless DC motor (inverter control)
Memory-based programmed operation SPEED/RCF, Time, TEMP (CT15RE only), ACCEL, DECEL and
stop melody
Rotor stop signal Selectable from 5 types of stop melodies, beep and mute
Safety devices Door interlock, dual overspeed detector, imbalance detector, abnormal motor temperature detector, etc.
Compliance with standards marking (EN61326, 61010-1, 61010-2-020)
Heat radiation 300W 500W
Power requirements AC 120V ±10%, 60Hz, 15A
AC 200-240V ±10%
50/60Hz 10A
AC 220/230V ±10% 50Hz 10A
AC 220V ±10% 60Hz 10A
Dimensions 240W x 320D x 250Hmm 290W x 520D x 300Hmm
Weight 17kg 40kg
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