HITACHI CF-RXII and CF-RX Series Compact Centrifuges

HITACHI CF-RXII and CF-RX Series Compact Centrifuges

High-speed Micro Centrifuge

himac CF15RXII (Powerful acceleration!)

Accelerates in less than 8 sec. from 0 to 15,000 rpm.

Corresponds to the tube of 0.2ml to 80 ml with 17 kinds of rotors.


Versatile Compact Centrifuge

himac CF16RXII (Two-in-one!)

From Micro-tube Rotors to Multi-place Swing Rotors for laboratory use.

Provides functions of both CF5RX and CF15RXII.


Refrigerated Compact Centrifuge

himac CF5RX (Reliable control at low speed rotation!)

Controllable by every 10 rpm from 300 rpm through 5,000 rpm.

Best for centrifuging cells etc. with middle capacity swing rotor (T4SS31/T5SS31).

Swing rotor (T5S32) for MP also usable.


Versatile High Capacity Centrifuge

himac CF9RX himac CF12RX (Best for Processing abundant Samples!)

Multi-Place Rotor (T3S51/T3S52) of 15 ml x 80 can be used.

Accepts up to 50 g imbalance when combined with automatic balancing rotor.


Outstanding ease of operation

• “Rotor Quick Setting System” only requires placing the rotor on the drive shaft

The “quick setting” system unique to Hitachi is used. This structure enables you to use a variety of rotors freely without the trouble of tightening a screw, with no tightening error as an added benefit.

• Quick acceleration/deceleration realized between low and high speeds

• Automatic rotor identification system also installed

CF-RXII and CF -RX series compact centrifuges are designed to automatically judge rotors, identifying the permissible number of revolution and compensating the rotor temperature in revolution.

• Speed/RCF display and setting functions are among other features of these Hitachi centrifuges

It is possible to automatically discern rotors and to compute and display centrifugal acceleration. Setting based on centrifugal acceleration can also be implemented.

• Imbalance-durable driving system mounted

When using our various rotors, ranging from low-speed swing rotors to minimal volume high-speed rotors, rough measurement is sufficient regarding the balance of samples.

• Powerful refrigerating performance displayed

All rotors revolving at their highest speed can be maintained at 4 °C (room temperature: 25°C).

• CE marking qualified

CF-RXII and CF -RX series compact centrifuges satisfy electric safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards.

• Environmental standards are completely met

CF-RXII and CF -RX series compact centrifuges meet our own rigorous internal environmental standards.

• Drive unit warranted for 3 years








Type of centrifuge

Refrigerated compact

Versatile high-capacity

Versatile high-capacity

High-speed micro

Versatile compact

Maximum speed (rpm)






Maximum RCF (x g)

4,170 (T5SS31 rotor)

10,600 (T9A31 rotor)

16,100 (T14A31 rotor)

22,200 (T15A42 rotor)

22,200 (T15A42 rotor)

Drive motor*

Inverter motor (brushless)

Rotation control range

300 to 5,000

300 to 9,000

300 to 12,000

300 to 15,000

300 to 16,000


-9°c to +40°c

Temperature setting range

5-55 sec/1-99 min., with HOLD function

Dimensions (mm)

852(H) x 490(W) x 550(D)

876(H) x 600(W) x 632(D)

876(H) x 600(W) x 632(D)

834(H) x 370(W) x 517(D)

852(H) x 490(W) x 580(D)

Power requirements

AC115V±10%, 15A, 60Hz

AC200/208V±10%, 8A, 50/60Hz

AC220/230/240±10%, 8A, 50Hz

Weight (kg)

AC200-240V spec.






Part no. (order no.)

AC200-240V spec.

No. 90559801

No. 90559501

No. 90559401

No. 90560201

No. 90560401

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