Heavy-Duty Acid-Transfer Handheld Pumps

Heavy-Duty Acid-Transfer Handheld Pumps

Ideal for most acid/base or ionic salt applications
UL-listed for sulfuric acid transfer at 50% concentration
Withstand temperatures up to 120°F (49°C)
Self-priming, will not siphon

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Strokes/Gallon 6
Wetted parts Solvent-welded PVC body and shaft; Viton ®  valves and seals
Adapter descriptions Buttress-Dell drum (M)
Inlet tube OD 1-1/2"
Inlet tube length 35"
Outlet hose OD 1-1/2"
Outlet hose length 36"
Dimensions 38"L x 1-1/2" diameter


 ****To make your own pump system among various number of pump heads, drivers and tubings please contact us. You can choose from Cole-Parmer catalog  or if you don't have the catalog you can request from our requests menu in the site.


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