El Tipi Multi-Function Calibrator IS Version

El Tipi Multi-Function Calibrator IS Version

The MFT 4000 microprocessor-based, handheld multifunctional tester is unlike any other instrumentation available today


It lets you measure pressure, differential pressure and temperature; measure voltage or current;
and calibrate field devices. It also offers HART® digital communications capability. This provides the user with the ability to poll, configure and maintain HART® compatible field devices with just one unit
from the palm of their hand.
Using the unit’s NIST traceable measurements and HART® mode to check a field device provides the
technician with one display for applied process value, measured value, analog output and the trim menu
needed to return the field device to optimum performance.
The unit consists of a portable (9.5'' x 4'') base unit that encloses three bays for sensor modules. Two of
the bays will accommodate a variety of available pressure modules. The third is an accessory bay for which customers can choose from a number of other measurement modules such as temperature of frequency.
The unit's pressure modules are NIST traceable to ± 0.025% of full scale and are fully temperature
compensated for best accuracy across a broad temperature range. Measurement of both current (ma) and dc voltage (volts) are integral to the base unit with ± 0.025% of full scale accuracy.
The user can easily zero any installed sensor module or display minimum/maximum measurements.
Displayed measurements can be dampened to remove jitter. A security code allows lockout of changes to all calibrator settings or can be limited to specific features.
Other standard features include sensor module recertification capability, self-testing and diagnostics
and user-selectable automatic turnoff. The unit will offer options for popular calibration documentation
packages, loop power and current/voltage sourcing, USB connection and hazardous environment testing.
Manufacturer number MFT4010-11-1-01-0-01-1-01
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