EAST and WEST UW-950-30 Water Purification System

EAST and WEST UW-950-30 Water Purification System



UW-950-30 Water Purification System is dedicated for experimental usage. It is especially useful in the chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, electronics, and environmental industries and in geology, physics,and other fields. Using cutting-edge technology, East & West has developed a quality purifier to meet your industrial or scientific needs.


1. 2 different outputs; pure and ultra pure water. Utilizing RO Processing and UP Processing to produce water for different needs
2. Automation, Automatic Water Level Correction Sensor and Automatic Water Quality Protection
3. User Friendly Design: two warnings for changing filter
4. Water quality meets GB6682-92 Standard, Pharmacopoeia 2000 and other standards
5. Simple maintenance, convenient filter packages

Technical Specifications

Water Production: 30L/h
Resistivity: 0-30 us/cm (Pure Water), 18.2M /cm (Ultra Pure Water)
Water Quality Standard: Higher than Grade 1
TOC (ppb): 0~5
Microbes (cfu/ml): <1
Particles (﹥0.22um/ml): <1
Power Supply: 220V、50/60Hz、60W

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