EAST AND WEST LC-5500 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

EAST AND WEST LC-5500 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph





Main Features

- New, Unique Integrated Structure Design

Traditional liquid chromatographs consist of sample injection valves, column ovens, and detectors as separate units because of their modular structure. This inevitabily leads to longer connection pipes, which increases the liquid diffusion rate and, thus, reduces the efficiency of separations.

LC-5500 employs an original struture by integrating the sample injection valves, column oven,and the UV detector to shorten the length of the connection pipes. Additionally, it has obtained greater baseline stability, higher resolution, a lower detection limit. Lastly, with its exceptional optics systems, the LC-5500 has an excellent signal to noise ratio.

With a dual piston pump, the LC-5500 produces smaller pulses. Precise, stable infusion ensures better separation and sensitivity analysis.

- High-Performance Ultraviolet Wavelength Detector

UV wavelength detectors can be used as a general detectors. One of these detectors is installed within the liquid chromatograph (other detectors, such as the flourescence detector, can be added based on request). Because of the concave holographic grating, the LC-5500 utilizes a new optical system to reach the ideal signal-to-noise ratio and, thus, improve the stability of the instrument.

The entire process is controlled and analyzed by PC. The program can select which wavelengths to scan. Different wavelengths can be measured and analyzed at one time to obtain the best sensitivity.

Full Bandwidth Scan Mode is helpful for users to explore new analytical methods.

New optics system and cell flow design is designed to obtain maximum sensitivity while minimizing the differential destruction of optical effects for a flat and stable baseline.

- Column Oven

Liquid chromatographs are usually used at ambient temperatures. However, the performance of the instrument, especially in different seasons, is still affected by environmental temperature and humidity. Therefore, an accurate column oven is needed for precise results. LC-5500 is controlled by a PC for automatic temperature control to guarantee an accurate reliable analytical data.

The temperature control workstation software displays the working status of the instrument and includes temperature alarms as well as an automatic overheating shut-down system.

- Dual Piston High-Pressure Pump

LC-5500 high-pressure pump produces less pulses for a more precise,stable infusion. Wear-resistant pressure seal rings are imported to increase the pump's lifespan. Based on your needs, high-pressure or low-pressure gradient systems can be installed (binary or tertiary).

High-pressure gradient systems provide greater control but at a higher cost. Low-pressure gradient systems have much simpler structures and, as such, are more economical.

- High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Workstation

LC-5500 HPLC is fully controlled through the PC. The workstation processes data to adjust peaks while controlling gradient elution by the high-pressure pump, scannning by the UV detector, controlling the column oven temperature, processing and operating the flourescence detector and photometric detector, and performing other processing details. It is specifically designed to improve the technical performance of the HPLC and for ease and convenience.

The LC-5500 HPLC software makes it easy for non-expert operators to managage the instrument. Additionally, the analysis parameters, spectral data, and reports can be easily organized and stored using an intuitive file management system.

Through a variety of quantitative functions, the software can fit data by the least squares method for increased computational accuracy as linear, quadratic, or cubic lines.

Spectral data can be manually edited to automatically identify ideal peaks for better and more accurate results.



Technical Specifications

High-Pressure Pump

Pressure: 0 - 42 MPa

Flow Range: 0.01 - 5.0 ml/min

Flow Precision: < 0.3 % RSD

Volume of Cylinder: 80 mL

Gradient Percent Range: binary or tertiary, 0 - 100 % in 0.1 % increments

Peak Retention Time: < 0.5 % RSD

Peak Area: < 0.8 % RSD

Column Oven

Temperature: Room temperature + 10 - 80 °C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.2 °C

Can be installed with 2 columns of 15, 20, 25, 30 cm length.

UV/Visible Detector (Single Light Source Dual Path Continuously Variable Wavelength Detector)

Wavelength Range 190 - 650 nm

Noise: < 1 x 10-4 AU

Drift: < 5 x 10-4 AU

Wavelength Accuracy: £ 1 nm

Cell Volume: 5 mL

Cell Path Length: 5 mm

Bandwidth: 8 nm

Minimum Detectable Concentration: 4 x 10-8 g/ml (naphthalene)

Data Processing: 2 AU/V

Instrument has Spectral Scanning Mode (activated when pump stops) and a Wavelength Switching Mode.

Online Degasser (Optional)

The online degasser itself is highly efficient; its key components are imported to increase the stability of the instrument. It also produces a flatter baseline and smaller noise and drift.



New Computer Chromatograph Workstation

· Powerful interface board with dedicated software for data collection and processing and communicatng with the instrument.

· Easy-to-use software that uses single and multiple points to calculate the calibration curve.

· Analysis reports can be edited and printed based on users' needs.

· Various spectra comparison functions that can be stored, printed, and utilized to optimize experimental conditions.

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