Dranetz DranTech Series Multimeter

Dranetz DranTech Serisi Multimetre

Three meters in one

Dranetz-BMI sets a new mark in electrical troubleshooting tools; bringing three instruments in one compact device, eliminating the requirement for multiple meters. The DranTech PMIT is the only handheld instrument which incorporates a multimeter, milliohm meter, and insulation resistance meter in one device.

The DranTech Series of meters are the latest release of Dranetz-BMI's high performance electrical measurement products. With the quality of Dranetz-BMI, these meters are a requirement for every electrician, service technician and calibration lab.


All DranTech Series instruments are designed with the patented "Terminal Block System" (TBS), which prevents even the most experienced users from damaging the meters and themselves. This feat

Manufacturer number M227I
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