Dispersion Mixers

Dispersion Mixers

Efficiently disperse and mix hard-to-wet fine powders and settling solids
Obtain reproducible results, which can be compared exactly
Simple and quiet operation



Dispersion devices are used to incorporate extremely fine solid particles into the surrounding medium, such that the small particles do not settle under the force of gravity. Efficient dispersion is easy to obtain. First, the liquid is put into the container. Then, under moderate speed, the small particles are added. The impeller speed can be increased until the doughnut flow pattern is detected at a higher rpm. After this premixing steps the dispersion is carried out at high peripheral speeds that correlate to the tip speeds used in production by maintaining the doughnut. When dispersing small quantities, use high rotational speeds to match production results.
High-Speed Dispersion Mixers have cruise control to maintain a constant speed even when viscosity changes for repeatable results. Model 04201-00 is a low cost solution for smaller quantities. Models 04201-02 and �03 are ideal for dispersion tasks in the lab and have heavy-duty clamps to tightly secure samples during maximum speeds.
High-Speed Mixers include motor, control box, support stand, and four impellers in the following sizes: 20, 25, 30, and 40 mm.
Reversible Dispersion Mixers allow you to change mixing directions. Downward �vortex� flow and upward �umbrella� flow ensure thoroughly mixed ingredients from center to wall and from top to bottom of the tank. Model 50401-01 has a solid-state, NEMA 4 control box that connects to the motor via a 5-ft cord with waterproof plug. Controller features on/off switch; pilot light; reset button; speed control dial; and mode selector (downward, stop, and upward). Choose air-drive model 50401-10 for mixing in hazardous atmospheres. The 1/2 hp air-drive motor is ideal for mixing solvents and volatile liquids. The motor accepts air line pressures up to 150 psig at 25 cfm.
Reversible Mixers include support stand with anti-tip base and post providing 183/4" vertical travel, 6" horizontal travel, 303/304 SS shaft, pitched rotor, adjustable baffle plate, pressure regulator, oiler and reversing valve and 360° rotation.

Motor 0.7 hp (0.5 kw)
Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Speed range 0 to 20,000 rpm
Description High-speed dispersion mixer


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