Compact General Purpose Still

Compact General Purpose Still

Distill up to 6 liters/hr

Great size for classroom use


These general purpose stills are designed for simple, economical, and reliable distillation. Stainless steel boilers and borosilicate glass condensers ensure distillate purity. All models have a nickel-plated heater. The heater is protected by a thermostat. Stills include a 3' cord with plug. See table below

Capacity 4 liters/hr
Resistivity range 0.5 MΩ-cm
Cooling water consumption 60 liters/hr
Water pressure 4.26 psi (min)
Heating element one, 2.75 kW
VAC/Hz 120
Dimensions 17-3/8"H x 8-1/4" dia


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