Cole-Parmer Single-Syringe Infusion Pump

Cole-Parmer Single-Syringe Infusion Pump

Microprocessor motor control and precision gearing provide reliable pulseless flow
Obtain precise flow rates down to 0.2 µL/hr
Wide dynamic range (6000:1) provides excellent flexibility
Program all commands via the front-panel keypad; you can even change settings while the pump is running


On start-up, the alphanumeric LCD indicates current operating parameter and prompts you through setup. Microprocessor automatically selects display units based on syringe used.

Syringe size accepted 10 µL to 60 mL
Syringe travel time 9.5 x 10 (-6) mm/min
Flow range (w/60 mL syringe) .2 µL/hr to 500 mL/hr
Linear force 20 lb/sq. in
Accuracy ±.5%
Reproducibility ±.2%
Dimensions 9" x 4" x 6"


****To make your own pump system among various number of pump heads, drivers and tubings please contact us. You can choose from Cole-Parmer catalog  or if you don't have the catalog you can request from our requests menu in the site.

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