Cole-Parmer ® Refrigerated Tanks

Cole-Parmer ® Refrigerated Tanks

Reach below-ambient temperatures in an open tank!



This refrigerated deep drawn, seamless SS tank is best used with an immersion circulator � select the circulator that best fits your temperature control needs and create your own constant temperature system. Tank has a large 13-liter capacity and a working depth of 7-3/4". Order hollow balls to create a floating cover.

Capacity Liters 13
Temp range 0 to 150°C (with circulator)
Compressor hp 1/6
Cooling capacity 400 W at 20°C
Wetted materials 304 Stainless Steel
Low-level cutoff None
Drain No
Refrigerant R-134a
Bath opening " W 9"
" L 11-3/4"
Working depth 7-3/4"
Overall dimensions 22"W x 10"H x 13-1/2"D
Power VAC 230
Hz 50


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