Cole-Parmer Programmable Compact Syringe Pump

Cole-Parmer Programmable Compact Syringe Pump

Economical OEM-style pump
Download program from a computer to the pump to operate the pump independently
Accessories allow networking of up to 100 pumps


Pre-program the pump with a dispensing program, then operate the pump via an attached footswitch, button, or I/O controller. Dispensing software allows user to infuse and withdraw in uL/hr, uL/min, mL/hr, and mL/min. Design a program to change direction while pumping, dispense a pre-specified volume, purge and refill, or trigger an alarm under pre-specified conditions. Pump holds one syringe up to 60mL. Store programs on a computer and download to pump for operation


****To make your own pump system among various number of pump heads, drivers and tubings please contact us. You can choose from Cole-Parmer catalog  or if you don't have the catalog you can request from our requests menu in the site.


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