Cole-Parmer Pressure - Regulating Flow Controllers

Cole-Parmer Pressure - Regulating Flow Controllers 

Patented design reduces equipment cost by integrating pressure and flow control
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Internal mechanism stabilizes flow output in less than 100 milliseconds

Unpowered and fully mechanical - ideal for hazardous environments


To maintain accuracy through fluctuating process conditions, most flow control installations must include independent pressure regulators and measurement instruments installed upstream and downstream of the controller. Most electronic flow controllers, such as thermal mass meters, can only meet stated accuracy when operating within a narrow spectrum of inlet and outlet pressures. These controllers eliminate the need for external pressure regulation by integrating pressure and flow control into a single device.
These revolutionary flow controllers are designed to control flow rate at a constant set point (once established through the use of an external flowmeter or other feedback device). Upon setting the controller, it automatically maintains a constant pressure across the control orifice to provide highly accurate volumetric flow control.
The all-mechanical design stabilizes output as fast as system pressure fluctuates, typically between 20 and 100 milliseconds. Mount the controller in any position. No power is required, making operation intrinsically safe.

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