Cole-Parmer ® Polystat ® Extra Large Capacity Refrigerated Baths

Cole-Parmer ® Polystat ® Extra Large Capacity Refrigerated Baths

Ideal for large sized or large quantities of samples up to 189 liters



This new large-volume refrigerated bath has a large, 7-cu ft sample area making it perfect for applications such as testing shelf life of beverages, food stability testing, and product quality analysis.
The microprocessor controller ensures precise temperature control. Set the LED display to read in °C or °F. The refrigeration system has modulation capability to provide only as much cooling as needed, resulting in excellent temperature stability and a longer compressor life.
A high-flow circulating pump provides quick turnover of fluid in the reservoir. Use the removable flat bottom sample tray as a stable platform for your samples.

Temp range -10 to 65°C
Bath Capacity 189 liters
Cooling capacity at 0 C 940 Watts
at 10 C 1925 Watts
at 20 C 2850 Watts
Pressure pump Max flow at 0 head 16.3 Lpm
Heater wattage 2250 Watts
Drain valve Yes
Power Amps 15
Stability ±0.5°C
Dimensions 44"W x 37 1/2"H x 30 1/2"D


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