Cole-Parmer® Polystat® CC1080 Refrigerating / Heating Circulator

Cole-Parmer® Polystat®  CC1080 Refrigerating / Heating Circulator

Closed tank design minimizes fluid evaporation and contamination
Cooling and heating from -10 to 80°C
Compact design maximizes bench space

Front acces drain for easy cleaning


This closed circulator is ideal for low load applications such as cooling analytical instrumentation, jacketed reactors, and rotary evaporators. System can also be used as an economical chiller with heating capabilities to replace tap water cooling in small laboratory applications. Rapid cool down and heat up times enable you to maintain temperature to 0.1C. Powerful force only pump provides flow rates up to 12 L/min. Circulator features two LED displays. Main display shows you set point or actual temperature. Secondary display shows fault code if the units cuts off. Water-tight touch-pad controls allow you to easily set temperature in °C or select one of four preset temperatures. Overtemperature and low-level cutouts trigger a visual alarm.

What's Included:

power cord with three-prong plug (240VAC model has a European plug).


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