Cole-Parmer ® Adjustable Rocking Shaker

Cole-Parmer ® Adjustable Rocking Shaker

Designed to function in temperature controlled environments from 2 to 65°C rocc3

Adjustable (±20°) tilt capacity and variable speed controls let you adjust the exact agitation desired for staining, blotting, and hybridization.

What's included: 115 VAC models include a 4-ft power cord with U.S. standard plug; the 220 VAC and 230 VAC models have a 5-ft cord with European plug.

Speed range 4 to 160 oscillations per minute
Shaking angle Adjustable through 20º from horizontal
Max load 15 lb
Ambient conditions 39 to 149ºF (4 to 65ºC); up to 85% RH
Platform dimensions 14"W x 11"L
Power 230/50


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