COLE-PARMER 65 mm Flowmeters ( Variable-Area / Correlated )

COLE-PARMER 65 mm Flowmeters

( Variable-Area / Correlated )

Compact size makes these ideal for tight measuring areas
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Clear polycarbonate front shield magnifies scale 16%.
A vertical tangential locator line ensures hairline accuracy in reading float position.
Each flowmeter consists of a heavy-walled glass flowtube mounted in an anodized aluminum frame with white acrylic back plate (1/8' thick).
Minimum flow rate is less than one tenth of the maximum flow value in the ordering table.
Select a flowmeter with a high-precision valve for superior flow rate control—ideal for low-flow applications or for any application where you need precise flow control.

The 16-turn high-precision valve features a nonrising stem to more accurately hit your desired set point.


All flowmeters come with correlation data sheets for water and air at standard temperature and pressure (STP). We can also supply calibration data for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, CO2, argon, other liquids and gases, and for conditions other than STPcall our Application Specialists for more information.

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