Brinkmann/Tuttnauer® Vertical Loading Sterilizer

Brinkmann/Tuttnauer® Vertical Loading Sterilizer

Automatic temperature and pressure regulation cuts heating time up to 50%
Easy-to-read, bright blue LCD panel highlights pressure, temperature, time, and process alerts
Low-water sensor prevents activation of sterilization cycle when there is insufficient water in the chamber or reservoir

Four preloaded cycles simplify sterilization of liquids and wrapped or unwrapped instruments


Simple one-touch sterilization and drying make these vertical sterilizers ideal for sterilizing glass and plastic containers, media, buffers, solid instruments, and hazardous waste materials. The dual temperature and pressure control cuts heating time up to 50% by systematically increasing the chamber pressure and temperature. Throughout the heating phase, the chamber and sample temperature reach equilibrium in half the time of other autoclaves. Rapid cooling model decreases chamber cool-down time by up to 90%, offering quicker access to your sample and the ability to perform more sterilization cycles daily.
Sterilizers offer added user safety and security with a heat-resistant door, audible and visual cycle interruption alerts, and a double safety-locking device to prevent the door from opening while chamber is pressurized.
What's Included:

built-in electronic printer, 2-phase line cord, 1⁄2" mineral-free water inlet hose, 3⁄16" flexible conduit for compressed air, 1⁄2" tap water inlet pipe, and two 71⁄2"H x 91⁄4" dia wire baskets.

Chamber size 23 L
Temp range ambient to 138°C
Temp display LCD
Pressure range 15 to 30
Pressure display LCD
Printer built-in
Chamber construction 316 stainless steel
Overall dimensions 19-11/16"W x 26-3/16"H x 13-3/16"D
Power VAC 208
Hz 60
Amps 10
Average cycle time min 20 min
Max psi 30 psi


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