BIOTRON Plate Photo Bioreactor

BIOTRON Plate Photo Bioreactor


Plate Photo Bioreactor is specialized for chlorella, ocean-bio industry to use producing clean fuel.
Algae are natural renewable resource of unique products, microalgae requires only sunlight, carbon dioxide, phosphor and nitrogen for fast grow. They produce variable basic chemical substances such as vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids with high added value potential for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
Plate photobioreactors have received much attention for cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms due to their large illumination surface area. Plate photobioreactors are suitable for microalgae mass culture.


-Able to measure precise growth of biomass

-Sensor monitoring in real time

-Innovative offering light source for photosynthesis

-Controlling system for adequate light source

-Easy scale-up

-Various type of photo bio reactor (flat, α-type, pipe and etc)



Total volume illuminated 20 L 100 L
Sterilization autoclave possible possible
Photosynthetic module plate plate
Illumination unit 430nm, 680nm, WHITE LED 430nm, 680nm, WHITE LED
Illumination control dimmer dimmer
Illumination control control
Air Flow rate 5L / min 20L / min
pH-Value measurement & control measurement & control
pH-Control CO2 Gas CO2 Gas
Temperature measurement & control measurement & control
Optical density turbidity sensor turbidity sensor

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