Accumet ® XL50 and XL60 Multiparameter Meters

Accumet ® XL50 and XL60 Multiparameter Meters

Windows CE®-driven, full-color touchscreen provides unmatched ease of use in operation and set-up
USB, RS232, and Ethernet/Internet connectivity  connect to printers, peripherals, LAN, or the Internet
Measure and display all parameters simultaneously without cross channel interference



The XL-series offers you the advantages and versatility of having a research-grade pH, mV, ion, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen meter, all in a single instrument. It offers 1000 datapoint memory storage along with bidirectional RS-232. Password security protects your data from accidental deletion. pH mode accepts standard BNC glass electrodes as well as accuFet electrodes directly, and allows for up to five-point pH calibration. ISE mode offers direct and indirect measurements, known and analyte, addition and subtraction methods. Conductivity mode accepts two-cell and four-cell probes. The XL-60's DO mode calculates 5-day BOD testing, OUR, and SOUR with automatic salinity and barometric pressure compensation.

What's included: meter, accuTupH+® calomel, combination pH electrode 55502-04, ATC probe 94000-62, electrode support arm and bracket, 110/220 power supplies, and operation manual. 59331-65 also includes self-stirring BOD probe 53109-50.


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