ATAGO ® Semiautomatic Polarimeter

ATAGO ® Semiautomatic Polarimeter

Angle of rotation and International Sugar Scale digitally displayed
Push-button switches make it easy to obtain precise control
Zero indicator light alerts you when unit is calibrated


This polarimeter features a switch selectable digital readout which displays either the angle of rotation or the International Sugar Scale. Polarimeter offers push-button rotation switches to adjust the left and right visual fields to an equal brightness no more manual adjustments. To calibrate, simply zero the polarimeter using distilled water, and within moments your zero indicator light alerts you that your unit is calibrated!
Depending on your accuracy needs, choose the fast mode or slow mode to adjust the visual field brightness. The fast mode allows you to quickly adjust the polarimeter for an approximate reading by continuously rotating the analyzer. The slow mode lets you accurately adjust the polarimeter by rotating the analyzer 0.05° at a time. Once you have equal brightness, the digital display will give you the reading.
The polarized light source is a LED with a filter for 589 nm. For best results, use the 200 mm tube for transparent liquids and the 100 mm tube for cloudy, impurity-filled samples. The tubes contain a bubble trap which prevents errors caused by air in your samples. Both tube sizes are included.

Range Rotation: +180° to -180°
ISS:+130°Z to -130°Z
Resolution Angle: 0.05°
ISS: 0.1°Z
Accuracy Angle of rotation: ±0.05°
ISS: ±0.3°Z
Tube length up to 200 mm
Light source LED with filter for 589 nm
Dimensions 17"W x 11-13/16"H x 8-9/16"D
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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