Air-Powered Pumps

Air-Powered Pumps

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Air-powered operation—ideal for intrinsically safe areas
Use pumps in chemical plants, organic compound transfer applications, and wastewater treatment centers.
Order an air lubricator and an air filter/regulator under accessories to remove impurities in the air supply.

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Max flow rate 6.2 GPM
Max fluid temp 190°F (88°C)
Max system pressure 50 psi
Max head (ft) 32
Duty cycle Continuous
Pulseless flow Yes
Wetted materials PP pump head, ceramic shaft, Viton ® O-ring
Wetted parts (magnet) PP
Dimensions 7"L x 4-1/2"W x 6"H
Connections outlet 1/4" NPT(M)
inlet 3/8" NPT(F) and 3/4" NPT(M)
Motor type Air
cfm 4
rpm 3950
pressure 23 psi
hp 1/8


****To make your own pump system among various number of pump heads, drivers and tubings please contact us. You can choose from Cole-Parmer catalog  or if you don't have the catalog you can request from our requests menu in the site. 

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