Agilent Technologies U1253A Digital Multimeter (with OLED Display)

Agilent Technologies U1253A Dijital Multimetre (OLED Display ile birlikte)

  • Razor-sharp readings with OLED display in the dark, at the widest angles

  • 50,000-count OLED display

  • 0.025% basic DCV accuracy

  • 2000 to 1 contrast ratio

  • 160° viewing angle

  • True RMS AC+DC

  • USB connectivity

  • Field upgradable through PC

  • Basic functions:

  • DCV, DCI, ACV, ACI, resistance, frequency, continuity, diode test

  • Advanced functions:

  • Temperature, capacitance, 20 MHz frequency counter, square wave generator


With the world’s first OLED handheld DMM, the U1253A, you get crystal-clear measurements indoors, in the dark, off-angle situations, on the bench or on the go. When you’re carrying this OLED handheld DMM, you won’t have to squint to be sure that you’re reading it right.
This multimeter features Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) display commonly used for televisions, A/V players, mobile phones, and digital cameras – now, this technology is available in this new handheld DMM. The OLED-based display has gained worldwide attention as the new benchmark for future display trends. It provides significant advantages over conventional LCDs (liquid crystal displays), including:

Brighter color

Wider viewing angle

Lack of need for a backlight

What's Included:
Silicone test leads, alligator clips, battery charger, certificate of calibration and test report.
Manufacturer number U1253A
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