AB Lorentzen Wettre Sample Punch

L&W Sample Punch

Push button cutting increases efficiency

L&W Sample Punch is used for easy and rapid preparation of accurate test pieces for use in tearing tests, bending resistance tests, folding strength tests, or L&W Autoline 300 Elrepho Module. It is pneumatically operated and the specially designed sample holder ensures extremely good cutting results on both thin and tough paper.

L&W Sample Punch is a sturdy tool for easy cutting and preparation of test pieces. With a punch and die made of tempered tool steel, its cutting properties are extremely good and a guarantee for maximum life.


Square punching requires exact placement of the sample in the machine and cross-machine directions. To facilitate this, L&W Sample Punch is provided with a back stop for adjustment of the cut. A sample holder presses the sample tightly against the die before cutting. The punch has slanting edges, which allows cutting of thick materials using moderate pressures and also reduces wear of the punch. The finished samples are collected in a tray placed below the punch.

There are connections for instrument air, an air pressure regulator and a gauge, and a connection for a foot switch on the rear panel. For protection from hand or finger injuries there is a safety device in front of the punch.

  • Precision cutting of samples
  • Wide working range 35–1000 g/m²
  • Punches single and multiple sheets (depending upon grammage)
  • Robust construction
  • Equipped with safety device

L&W Sample Punch– Code 107


Tearing samples

62 × 50 mm (SCAN, APPITA/AS ISO, DIN)
63 × 53 mm (TAPPI)

Bending and creasability tests
38 × 80 mm
L&W Autoline Elrepho Module backing samples

Test piece

35–1000 g/m² (7–200 lb/1000 ft²)
4 mm (160 mils) max.

Installation requirements

Instrument air
0.5–0.75 MPa (75–110 psi)

Foot switch


0.2 × 0.3 × 0.3 m
8 × 12 × 12 in
0.1 m³
3.5 ft³

Net weight
17 kg
38 lb
Gross weight
24 kg
53 lb


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