AB Lorentzen Wettre Profile Sample Cutter

L&W Profile Sample Cutter

Cuts and winds your samples automatically

L&W Profile Sample Cutter cuts sample strips directly from the machine reel. The samples are precision cut to a fixed width and automatically wound onto a removable cylinder. The clean, wrinkle-free samples can be used for testing in L&W Autoline and L&W TSO Tester, or for routine testing in a quality control laboratory.

L&W Profile Sample Cutter cuts a 300 mm sample strip directly from the jumbo reel. The strip is automatically wound onto a removable cylinder. The cylinder is available in three different diameters: 50, 75 or 140 mm.
The cutting device is a battery-operated unit, mounted on a three-wheeled metal stand. Height and cutting angle are adjustable to fit various reel sizes. L&W Profile Sample Cutter is easy to use. The unit is simply rolled along the reel, and the test strip is cut and wound onto the cylinder. L&W Profile Sample Cutter is designed to cut as easily from the right-hand side as from the left-hand side of the reel.


  • Cuts straight and parallel to reel axle
  • Automatic winding
  • Knives are covered for operator protection
  • Cuts from right or left end of reel
  • Cuts a single layer only
  • Detachable cylinder in three different diameters
  • Provides clean, wrinkle-free samples for all testing application

L&W Profile Sample Cutter – Code 148
Battery charger, spare battery and three interchangeable cylinders, 50, 75 and 140 mm diameter


Sample width
300 mm (11.8 in)

Test piece

<500 g/m²

Installation requirements

Powered by a 12 V rechargeable battery



0.8 × 0.5 × 1.2 m
31 × 20 × 47 in


0.48 m³
17 ft³

Net weight

69 kg
152 lb

Gross weight

96 kg
211 lb


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